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How to change an owner of a Las Vegas timeshare

Deed and Record prepares and e-records deeds to change an owner of a Las Vegas timeshare. Change is needed because of marriage, divorce, gifts, trusts, to add a co-owner and to remove a co-owner. Change of owners is by deed. A deed is a piece of paper that has the owner’s signature stating the current owner’s intent to transfer the timeshare to another person.

The process

We prepare the deed and email to you for signature. You or the owner sign the deed. The deed must be acknowledged by a notary.

You return the signed deed in PDF, either by mail or email. We e-record the deed. We forward to you the recorded deed. You forward the recorded deed to the timeshare resort to update its records.

When change is needed

In a marriage when only one spouse owns the timeshare, change may be needed. The resort may require the other spouse to be on title to make reservations or to access the timeshare. Or, the non-owning spouse wants to be on title to inherit and continue to use the timeshare.

In marriage an owner is added. In divorce an owner is removed. Until the non-owning spouse is removed as owner, both spouses have access to the timeshare and both spouses are responsible for the maintenance fees.

Another reason to change is when a trust is created. Trusts do not avoid probate if the timeshare is not owned by the trust. A deed from the Settlor to the Trustee of the trust properly funds the trust.

Owners are often looking to gift their timeshare, either all of it or as a parital gift. Partial gifts add an owner and the current owner remains on title. Another parital gift is from one co-owner to the other co-owner. Full gifts releive the current owner from the obligation of maintenance fees. The new owner has sole access from a full gift.

How Nevada’s records deeds

Nevada tracks real property by county. Timeshares are real property. Real property documents are maintained by the recorder’s office in each county. Nevada requires a “declaration of value” to accompany the deed. The declaration of value determines the amount of transfer tax payable to the county.

Las Vegas is located in Clark County. All timeshare deeds for resorts located in Las Vegas are recorded with Clark County. The Clark County recorder’s office will only change its owner database upon the receipt of a properly prepared deed.


Change in owners of a Las Vegas timeshare is needed because of marriage, divorce, gifts, trusts and to add or remove a co-owner. A recorded deed is required to change owners of a timeshare. The recorded deed must be forwarded to the Las Vegas timeshare company to update their records.