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Deeds and Affidavits for California Real Property: What You Need to Know

We prepare and e-record deeds and affidavits for California real property. Documents are exchanged by e-mail and mail. You avoid office visits.

How to avoid an office visit

To begin, the client provides the property’s address and the parties’ names and addresses. Deed and Record prepares the document and e-mails the document to the client. The client signs the document in the presence of a notary. Client mails the original signed and notarized document to Deed and Record.

Upon receipt of the document, Deed and Record submits the document online to the recorder’s office. The recorder reviews, records, and e-returns the document to Deed and Record. Deed and Record returns to the client by e-mail the recorded document.Deeds


In California, a deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of real property from one person or entity to another. The purpose of a deed is to provide a clear and unambiguous record of the transfer of ownership. A recorded deed becomes part of the public record. A recorded deed provides notice to the world that the property has changed owners.

Here are some examples of when deeds change owners;

  • remove a spouse due to a divorce,
  •  add a spouse as an owner,
  •  transfer real property into or out of a living trust
  •  transfer real property into or out of a business entity. 


Joint tenant owners have equal ownership and the right of survivorship. This right allows the transfer of ownership from the deceased owner to the surviving owner without probate. The affidavit of death joint tenant recorded with the county recorder’s office updates the change of owners.

An affidavit of death of trustee establishes the death of a trustee of a trust that owns real property. When a trustee of a trust passes away, their successor trustee must be appointed to manage the trust and its assets, including any real property. This affidavit notifies the county recorder of the deceased trustee’s death and updates the title to identify the successor trustee.

Deed and Record is an authorized submitter to e-record deeds and affidavits in California. Exchange of documents between Deed and Record and its clients is by email and mail. An office visit is avoided.

This website is by Mark W. Bidwell, an attorney licensed in California. His office is located at 4952 Warner Avenue, Suite 235. Huntington Beach, California 92649. The phone number is 714-846-2888.