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We prepare deeds, affidavits, and trusts for real property.

Deed and Record prepares deeds, affidavits, and trusts for real property. We also e-record deeds and affidavits.

Deeds are used to change owners who are living. Affidavits of death are used to declare the death of an individual officially. An affidavit is a part of transferring real property from the decedent to the decedent’s heirs. An affidavit is limited to real property owned by a joint tenant, a trust, or a revocable transfer on a death deed.  

Trusts avoid probate. Probate is a court-supervised process that can be lengthy, expensive, and public. By avoiding probate, you save time and money. Also, you keep your affairs private.

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Real properties covered

California land, primary residences, rentals, and mineral rights; and

California, Hawaii, and Nevada, timeshares

How it works

We prepare a deed and email it to you for review and signature.

You return the signed deed to us.

We e-record and forward by email the recorded deed to you.

You only have to leave your home to notarize your deed.

When to use our services.

When married couples need to add or remove a spouse.

A lender requires the removal of the spouse with poor credit, or a lender requires adding a spouse who is not on title.

Add a spouse to avoid probate on the first spouse’s death.

When one spouse is awarded real property in a divorce, the other spouse must be taken off title.

You have a trust, but the trust does not own your real property.

When you are ready to create a trust.

You want to gift real property of land or a timeshare to a friend or relative.